Sphere Advantage

Undoubtedly, there are many firms competing for your outsourcing business. We look forward to having an opportunity of proving that; Sphere is not just another IT firm. We have worked very hard to design, implement and maintain a technical strategy that can make a real difference to our clients. We look forward to serving your organization, with the hope of becoming a valued partner in your technical procurement process. We have served a number of clients by way of helping them to achieve their business goals through our IT expertise.


  • Delivering Business Value
  • Quality of service & predictability of costs
  • Strong emphasis on tools, Process and Methodologies
  • A well-defined Vision and a proven Execution Strategy
  • An in-depth Knowledge of the client’s Business
  • Quick resource ramp-up, ability to handle changing requirements
  • A Business Model that 'works' for each client
  • A Culture based on strong Work Ethics
  • A long-term relationship based on 'Trust'

Transparency throughout the engagement